Love and Parenthood in an Intercultural Family

Hanna Kinnunen (Lead author) & Tanja del Angel (Co-author)
Duo for intercultural families (Familia ry)

Lataa tiedosto

This booklet contains basic information about a couple’s
relationship, parenthood, child’s identity and bilingualism. It:

  • gives information about the different stages of a relationship
    from falling in love to love;
  • describes life between cultures;
  • describes how to create a third culture;
  • gives information about the effects a child’s birth and
    parenthood have on the parents’ life and relationship;
  • provides tips on how to support an intercultural child’s
    identity and bilingualism.

The booklet also contains extracts from the stories of parents and grown-up children of intercultural families.

The booklet is also available in Spanish, in French, in Russian and in thai.

The booklet is produced by Duo (Familia ry). Duo aims its activities for intercultural couples. The emphasis of activities still lies on peer, group and volunteer activities. Family training for intercultural couples continues and will become national along with  other activities. Many of the activities under development, as well as the family training, will be based online. This means they are accessible nationally and internationally. Face-to-face activities aren’t forgotten either, and Duo still organises lectures and training for intercultural families, volunteers and professionals.

You can find more information on subjects concerning intercultural couples and families on Duo’s website at